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Make the “Smart” choice in installing tows & hitches.

Smart car front end disassembled

The front end of this Smart car has been disassembled to expertly install an RV tow.

Smart cars are becoming an increasingly popular option for RV owners, since these cars are small, economical and fun to drive. The cars allow you to park the RV and explore with better fuel economy and much easier parking opportunities.

The most important thing is to get a good tow set up, which in some cases, may require adjusting the bumper (or the brackets that mount to the bumper) in order to install the hitch. In the case of a Smart car, many times this requires taking the front bumper off (and pretty much disassembling the front end).

Don't trust work like this to just anyone. At Auto & RV Specialists, we make sure the correct parts are installed, the correct way, by knowledgeable technicians certified to do the work right the first time around. Call us to schedule an appointment (909) 981-4622.

Top 5 tips to make your tires last.

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Propane Tanks

At $3.49 a gallon we have one of the lowest prices in town. Each Wednesday propane is $2.89 a gallon! If you trade in your old tank we will give you a brand new filled tank for ONLY $21.99! Without the trade in, a new 5gal tank is $51.99. Our propane station has easy access all you have to…
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