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We have been proudly servicing the automobiles, trucks, and RVs of the Inland Empire for over the last 25 years. Our service center provides quality full-service repairs at affordable prices while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. Auto & RV Specialists is certified and approved by the American Auto Association (AAA) and is equipped with some of the top ASE certified mechanics in the industry. We are a thriving contributor for the surrounding Inland Empire communities and pride ourselves on our commitment to constantly improve service and customer relations.


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Over 10 years ago I needed car repair and went through the yellow pages and picked Auto and RV specialists because they were rcommended by the Auto Club. I have never regretted the choice... They are extremely competent, always polite and accommodating and reliably honest... I would highly recommend their work, efficiency and care.
— Judith Whitlock
Great business. Very professional. Always informative and honest. I was getting ready for a camping trip and my friends motorhome had some issues just as we were leaving. We took it right over to RV and Auto and they fixed the problems right on the spot.
— Ron Poloni
Arranged a pre-buy inspection for an RV I was looking at. Although I’m 1200 miles away, I was treated respectfully and got great service! They were very informative with the items they found, and I paid a very reasonable price for the work they did. I’d use them again in a heartbeat!
— Noel Wade
Great place! Very professional and honest plus most affordable place to get a smog check! Mustang Sally’s is right next door. Got a good breakfast and the smog done at the same time.
— Rusty Shacklferd



Routine vehicle maintenance is key in keeping your car running safely and efficiently.  We cannot emphasize the added value scheduled maintenance brings not only to improved gas mileage, performance, and dependability, but also in how it can dramatically extend the life of your vehicle. 


About Us

Mike Fournier

"I enjoy working with cars, trucks, and RVs and the challenge of solving complicated vehicle issues."

Mike has been working with cars since he was 15 years old. He started his first auto repair business 25 years ago. He has 3 adult children. He has played softball in the city league for the last 20 years and enjoys traveling the country in his RV.

Ron Nottingham

"Building a team of associates who understand customer service and giving back to the community is what makes a difference in our business."

Ron has 29 years of experience in the automotive industry with 26 of those years at Toyota. He has been married for 29 years and has 4 boys.

Josh smith

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