Propane Refill Station


We take pride in delivering diverse fueling options that promote a cleaner and healthier environment and improve public health. Although propane is widely available throughout the Inland Empire, public vehicle fueling is limited. Auto and RV Specialists is proud to announce that we not only provide propane for your recreational vehicle’s camping needs, but also provide the bonus of a clean burning fuel alternative for both public and personal vehicles. We also offer a variety of propane equipment and supplies!

At $3.49 a gallon, we have the lowest prices locally. As a bonus, each Wednesday propane is just $2.89 a gallon... that's a savings of 17 percent!

Trade in your old tank for a brand-new, filled tank for ONLY $21.99! (Without the trade in, a new 5 gallon tank is $51.99.)

Our propane station is easy access... all you have to do is pull up, fill up and drive off.